Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outfit - Certain things mend us that's when we're hanging on for dear life

Crop top Jane Norman - High waist skinnies Zara - Belt, sunnies Primark - Chelsea boots h&m - Earrings Thailand
Ah hello new outfit and post! I've been away from my blog for a while, two weeks without blogging. I had some mixed feelings about it, but after those here is a brand new post. I took the photos a while ago with Anna in the city. Anyways, while editing/effect-ing the photos and writing this I remember again how nice blogging is. And how much I love to do that. So for myself it sorta feels like being back, hihi. 
But about the outfit, all black wearing my only and favourite black high waist skinnies and a brand new crop top. That crop top is perfection, a low back, good fitted and not too much cropped. And this beautiful little balcony was a lovely place to shoot the photos, a little different than usual and I like that sort of things. Also on monday I went to Amsterdam again with Janne, for James Arthur! Do you know him? The concert was one of  the best ones I've had, James is amazing live! How is your week? And what do you think about this outfit? 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Tens and ice creams and flower dresses

Wow I'm so busy lately, not with any much important things, just working, haning around a little, doing nothing. But also enjoying this really amazing summer weather. the last week I ate about 10 scoopes of ice-cream, these little things make you the most happy! And beause of this summer time I forgot blogging for a while, not that I don't like that anymore, I do. But I didn't had a thing to post, and I don't want just put something upon here to be up to date. I think: only a post if there is something to show or write about or if I have something I want to remember, things like that. Just like a diary. And I'm fine with that idea also if it means not posting for a while. 
Well, I have new clothing hanger for on my rail and now I can put on 10 more pieces, that is what happend and they came out sorted on colour. Can you see that? In the meanwhile while not blogging I've been to a vintage kilo sale and I've bought this lovely dress. A little building and the dress came hanging on my wall. I really like this place in my room, and i love you hang clothes on my rail in such a way that creates a atmosphere, The dress on the wall and the beautfil old mirror I got from a dear family-friend are adding something extra to that. For now sweet dreams! Twomorrow I'll be making chocolates, bonbons and pralines again! And what do you think of this picture? And about the little personal piece about blogging?

Monday, March 24, 2014


"Lover I remember, laying out a map. Throwing our possesions, in the van.
The tapes piled on the back seat, the camera in your hand,
dressed for our arrival, in the strangeland"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Outfit - I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

Pull&Bear dress - Porch People Vintage tote bag - COS chelsea boots - Zara coat - HEMA necklace - Vintage sunnies
New outfit! Two weeks ago I went to utrecht for an open day and after me and my mom went to the city for some shopping and discovering the city a little. Utrecht is such a lovely city, moving out and living there seems so lovely. We walked past this beautiful old street, and we thought why not take some outfit pictures here! That day I just put on something simple because I was not planning to shoot a little. But I was wearing my new Pull&Bear dress, and the photographs turned out very well! I've put this dress on a whishlist a while ago and I've bought it, it is so comfortable and simple yet, still a lovely dress. 
Twomorrow I'm going to another open day in Utrecht: Art and Economics. I still have to figure out what I'm going to study next year. It is really hard to choose something what you have to do for the rest of your life. And thereby, I don't know what I want to do or what I want to be in the future, hihi, so I'm just looking for a study what I like. If you do something you like it'll be okay I think, and then 'later' will come later. What do you study? (I'm very curious maybe I find new studies or maybe you do what I want). And what do you think about this outfit?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Instagram - Not all who wander are lost

1. Ahh I've been wandering a lot lately, around the city. I walked to different streets that I'm used to and walked a little out of the centre. That brought me beautiful streets with old houses with lovely detailed doors and walls. 2. My new Pull&Bear dress arrived and trying it on with bare leggs made me feel so like summer, I too have that hat for a while, what do you think of that one? 3. Bastille's concert was zo amazing! Really one of the best I've been too. It is a shame that pictures make it look like I'm on a bigger distance, in real we were really close. Anyways Bastille was perfect! 4. Beautiful flower field in the city. 5. Happy times with Willemijn on the very first summer sunday. We went to the park for sitting in the grass enjoying the sun and for a lovely ice-cream. 6. Last weekend I went to vintage halls with Janne, that was lovely too, I bought vinyl and a lace cardigan and there was a beautiful perzisch carpet. 
So that's this little update for now, I'm working a lot this week, but that's okay. This weekend I'm going to Utrecht again and friday Paul and I are going to plan vacation: Interrailen. It is a train ticket which allows you to travel all over Europe, So we're going on a mini-worldtrip, hihi. I'm looking forward to that so much! Do you have nice plans too?