Saturday, June 27, 2015

OUTFIT - The perfect boho tile print shorts

New Look shorts - Mango blouse - Vintage bag - Dr. Martens shoes - Gifted bracelets
Here I am with a new outfit post. I wrote so much about these shorts lately so it was about time that the shorts came along with an outfit post. While writing this I see the shorts in the last photograph and they fall so lovely in that one. And then the print. this print is the perfect summer, boho/bohemian (chic), holliday print, haha. Do you love it as much as I do? I whish I had more items in that tile print. But there are so much more lovely boho prints, I'm not such a fan of all the fashion trends but I love the fact that there are bohemian prints everywhere. (Like this amazing jumpsuit!)
The white lace blouse is new, the beautiful lace on the back and the way the fabric is so light makes me wanna go to the beach. Lay and sit in the sand for a whole day and just have fun and enjoy the sun, get that summer feeling. And that makes me long to go to Italy even more. I just can't wait to get abroad, especially the places where I haven't been yet! Anyone who has seen Padova in Italy? And do you like this outfit?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello holliday haul - I was the moon chasing the sun

Aahh last Monday I handed in my VERY LAST exam! And it feeeels so good. The holliday is here. Yessss. I still have to get back some grades but if I'll pass all of them School is over for this time. After handing my paper in I did something I missed: Shopping. And then not to get one single thing, no I made sure I got home with at least three shopping bags. 
That turned out well. Look at that amazing printed top. It looks much like a Brandy Melville item, but it is one from Forever21. Also got a bordeaux red top, a lovely lace blouse and a fine cardigan (since I only had one). For my birthday I got a giftvoucher from Douglas and traded that one for a new O.P.I. and some bracelets. Oeh and at Topshop I found some toe rings, can't wait to wear those combined with my birkenstocks! 
Anyways, it was so goood to do some big shopping again. Everything feels good because there is no more school and the summer holliday is here. With that more inspiration and time comes along for my blog. Can't wait to post more than only once a week or so. Is there anything you'd like to see upon here? And what do you think of my new items?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FESTIVAL - Pinkpop

Last weekend I sneaked out of all the exam-stress and had the best time at Pinkpop! I only took my analog Diana camera but I took some photos with my phone. We got really close to george ezra, had the best time hearing the pierce brothers, You should check out their songs. The two brothers are from Australia and their music is just lovely! We had plenty of time to stroll around the festival too and discover all the lovely food trucks (selling delicious Moroccan pancakes). Ohh and a little unexpected: Robbie Williams was amazinggg. I never thought I liked to hear him live that much. Maybe you've heard that the Foo Fighters were cancelled. But they're already confirmed for next year, so Pinkpop I'll see you then again! Have you been there too? Which band did you love most? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

OUTFIT IDEAS - Festival Pinkpop

outfit ideas - Pinkpop
Wauw yes I love this post. This weekend I'll be spending my time at Pinkpop. I'm looking forward to George Ezra, the Foo Fighters and the Pierce Brothers so much, well, there will be many more! I don't know most of the acts who're playing but that's okay, then there is time to sit in the grass&sun, eat ice-creams stuff like that. 
Ofcourse I'm getting out of my head about 'what to wear'. But look at these three outfits. The first outfit is hanging in my closet ready to be worn. Sorry for spamming those tile printed shorts so much, hihi but they are just so lovely. That is what I'll wear for sure. Another thing hanging in my closet are those high waisted white shorts! Combined with a nice coloured jumper (click) will be comfy for at night. That long printed pants is amzing too! 
A hat, a little bag and some booties are a must too. Which outfit do you like most? Any tips for what else to bring along this weekend? Ohh and is anyone of you going? Maybe I'll see you there! 

Monday, June 08, 2015

INSTAGRAM - See the west wind move like a lover so, among the fields of gold

Monday again, a new week to be brand new. And that's what I'll be. These two weeks will be full of studying, only studying. But after that, if I'll pass them the summer holliday is finally here. So that's where I'm working to. Any tips for holding on to school when there are so many distractions? These are some insta's from lately. 1. Analog summer set 2. In love with my new hat. 3. Can't wait for more Italy 4. These shorts are the best 5. Finally time to have cheesecake again with Wies 6. The best and lovely, sister and mommy. Now I'm back to all the work, almost summer!