Friday, September 04, 2015

OUTFIT - Photographing Padova

Berskha dress - Birkenstocks sandals - Things I Like Things I Love tote bag - H&M floppy hat
Another outfit from Italy, I was so exited to show these outfit+photos series. Janne took these photos of me and I love the way they turned out to be, as I didn't really knew these would be so usefull, so thanks Janne :). The other two photos are what I saw through my camera. So, this was in Padova an Italian city near Venice. I didn't took that many photos there but still a few in this little square. These two came out best. In a side street of all the shops there was this beautiful old place with amazing blue details on the ceiling, I wish my home had a ceiling like that. The ceiling happend to match this new dress (bought in Bologna). I was looking up a name for it but didn't really know how to call it, a dungarees dress? Pinafore dress? I only know a name in Dutch: tuinrok. So any suggestions about how to call it? Anyways this new dress is so lovely, it goes along with just a black or white tee and I wore it with my Birkenstocks and some black accessories like the tiltil tote bag and a floppy hat. I'm wearing the dress so much lately, ever right now while writing this. I think this may be my favourite outfit from Italy, there is one last one comping up! Do you like this outfit? 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

TRAVEL - BOLOGNA, a mosaic and roofed streets city

So over the past few weeks we, Paul and I, were still exploaring Italy. Yesterday my first day of school begon and that was something I still have to get used to (I was in there till 17:30). Luckily most of my wensdays are a day off (just like monday ahhh!) so that hellps getting started. Anyways, this is Bologna (Italy). Such a wonderfull city, for me not that known if you think about Italy. But Bologna is certainly worthwhile. Before we leaved I searched up a little bit about the city, but our guest lady of the B&B told us much more. 
The first day (about the last two photos) we got there is was a bit rainy, but that didn't mind for what we were gonna do. Upward of the city is a roofed walkway, counting 666 pillars and about 4 kilometers long, leading to Santuario di Madonna di San Luca. The walk was lovely and perfect for a rainy day, when we finished the roofed path we arrived at San Luca together with the sun! It was such a beautiful place.
But there is more that we climed in Bologna: Torre degli Asinelli. A tower of almost 100 meters high right in the centre of the city. We were told that if you can make it to the top of the tower (or any climb) you will succeed, whether it's your study, life or somehing else. That in mind we went to the tower to get to the top. Walking the stairs in the tower was a bit scarry ass you could easily look down and see the many meters beneath you. But the view when you reached the top was worth it all, you could see the whole city and further. 
Wow that's a long piece of words above here. But they had to be said about bologna. Whenever we weren't climbing something we wandered around the city, did some shopping (Brandy Melville!!), eat ice-cream and pizza. And for me I could stare at the floors forever since most of the floors in Bologna were paved with mosaic, for a little impression look at the 3th photograph. Have you ever been to Bologna?

Monday, August 31, 2015

OUTFIT - I heard the streets were paved with gold

Brandy Melville dress, cardigan - Maison Scotch necklace - Converse all stars
Hello there, I'm back! I hope for good this time. About four weeks ago I got out of my blog dip but then it was time to wander through Italy. So thats why there was some (big) absence. Anyways that is over right now, I have loads of travel and outfit photographs that I want to put upon here. I didn't want my laptop to come along on the holliday so for the coming of days I'm in italy again here on the blog. 
The first week we spent in a lovely old farm near Florence and after that Paul and I went to see some amazing cities: Florence, Bologna, Verona and Padova and on top of that we visited Venice the very last day. In short: it was such a perfect holliday, everytime I visit I'm falling more in love with Ialy. 
Then this outfit was shot in Bologna, all the streets there are roofed and showing amazing columns and all the floors are paved with mosaic (I'll show more of that later!). I'm wearing my new Brandy Melville dress combined with another new Brandy cardigan. Both items are so comfy and light to wear, and perfect for any occasion, whether it is a day in the city or going out for dinner. I love the first photo very much, just like this location. It is so beautiful, and this place was just on the other site of our bed&breakfast. What do you think of this outfit?

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

INSTAGRAM - You just need to start doing something whenever you're stuck

Aah I'm so happy to post a new one again! It has been such a long time since my last blog post, but I just didn't had inspiration. I must say I haven't done that much lately, which is actually really good. The summer hollidays were needed so much. Along with them a little blog dip came again. But right now I feel like I really want to blog more again. I missed that I didn't had something to put upon here, the From beast to beauty was my last one. But (maybe just like everything) you just need to start doing something whenever you're stuck, and that will help you get further (quote by Nina) (but sirious, it will help). So I hope I'm back again with more posts than just this one. Stay tuned.
Then about these photographs, some Instagrams from lately. 1. This first one is a fresh one, took it today when I went for a little shop in the always lovely Nijmegen. 2. Posted this one on the very first holliday-day 3. Throwback to Italy last year, I'm really counting right now, on sunday I'll be there again 4. The amazing Pierce Brothers at Pinkpop 5. Outfit of most of these days, they say tomorrow the sun will be back again, so that makes this the outfit of tomorrow as well. 6. Dearest Willemijn! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From beasty to beauty 008 - Vintage flower buttoned two piece

A new 'from beast to beauty' post again! I had this one ready for a while now but today I finally had time to shoot the after photographs. Though the before was not that much a beast, that long dress was amazing too, I'm happy with what is made out of it. I just wasn't wearing that long dress and it was only haning on my rail, looking pretty. So (as I loved the fabric and print again) I made a two piece set out of the dress. I love how they look together but they can also be worn separate. 
Aaah thereby today is the day that I heard that I got my propedeuse, I completed the first year of my study. I'm soo happy that I passed for everything! So now I can (extra) enjoy the hollidays. The weather is getting better these days and that's perfect for the little camping trip I'm going on tomorrow! Do you have plans for these summer days? And what do you think of this two piece transformation?