Friday, October 09, 2015

INSTAGRAM // I wish we could wander together forever

1. "I wish we could wander together forever", don't know if I saw that quote somewhere or that those words just came in to my mind, but I like the quote. 2. Put some new clothes on my rail, (AW warderobe?) I'm in love with the black&white and the wine-red&natural-pink those colour combinations are lovely. 3. Dreaming about when we were still in Venice/Italy, I wish to go abroad again real soon 4. Got this really, really, good brownie at Bagels Beans, and those purple glasses (new) were a present from Paul 5. Another throwback to when in Antwerp, I love this photo of Paul and me 6. Last week Janne and I visited nijmegen again, this was at 'Make My Day' they sell amazing thingies 7. Got a new skirt! Right now I'm on my way to Nijmegen to do some shopping with Willemijn and I'll shoot this outfit! 8. The lovely interior of 'Fika' 9. Photo from my last outfit post!
And for now: WEEKEND! I'm in love with that. This week felt like forever but at the other hand time flies, my first period of school is already over and the exams are almost here. and after that there is a week off! That will be my (late) autumn break, I can't wait for that time and visit the woods when all the leaves are coloured brown yellow and red! Anyways, have a lovely weekend! 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

LOVELY LOCATIONS // Fika, Nijmegen

Van Broeckhuysenstraat 5, Nijmegen
Here is the second "Lovely Locations"! Janne and I went to Fika; a coffee/lunch/drink/wine/beer -(lunch)cafe, yes so much possibilities, with a beautiful Scandinavian style. This time I brought my camera and shot some photographs myself. I'm more and more exploaring the 'M' on my camera and that turned out well for these photos. And I think I'm even proud of these ones I made. BUT: In a cafe which looks like this you could never ever take a bad photo, it is almost like this interior made the photos for me. Fika's interior. It is perfect. That is the only word.The Scandinavian atmosphere gives me so much (interior) inspiration and makes me want to chance my room again (yes again). But then I'd love to change more than just the possition of my things. 
Anyways, let's not digress, this post is about Fika. Just like at Met Passie they sell Naturfrisk, which made me so happy because (especially the elderflower) it's so good! Plus the bottles are beautiful designed. Since my last "Lovely Locations": have you tried it yet? We also had a little lunch: an Open tösti, with parma ham, mozarella, pesto and little tomatoes. It was lovely too (the word lovely just is lovely I'm sorry for using it so much)! On the lunch menu are about 15 varieties of smörrebröd: richly filled sandwiches, who are not too big so that you can order about 2 or 3 of them for a complete lunch. Or 1 just like we did, since we weren't that hungry. I really like the fact that the smörrebröds are that small to choose more. That makes choosing less hard: you can easily pick both! I would love to go back soon to taste the other smörrebröds. Have you ever been to Fika?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

OUTFIT // I live and breathe under the moon

Costles hat - Style Moi crop top - Vintage cardigan, necklace - Bershka skirt - SheInside coat - Dr. Martens shoes
Another autumn outfit.. I like it and yet not, that the weather is getting colder again. For now it always still is just a little too hot or a little to cold, that's where layering comes in: a coat, a cardigan, and a crop top. I love how you can still see the red cardigan underneath my coat and that it matches the hat. That red colour is just the best. 
The two black items I'm wearing are new: a suedine button down skirt from Bershka, yes I've let those buttoned skirts get to my head too. I really love the A-line and the fact that the outfits from clueless (and other 'vintage' movies) are coming back. I hope to get myself an A-line skirt without buttons too! The ribbed crop top is from Style Moi which came in last week I think. The fit is so comfortable and it is not too cropped! Right now the weather actually is lovely; the sun is here! I'm off to work in two hours, selling some ice-creams :) What are your sunday plans? & What do you think of my look?

Thursday, October 01, 2015

From beast to beauty - DIY see through butterfly frame

I still like to call my DIY posts "From beast to beauty". If we go way, wayyyyy back this was that very first post of that category. If you'll click you see where I got the word beast for this title. Anyways this is more an interior DIY then a clothing one. But I thought why not give it a try and see how it will turn out. 
So I did a DIY for a see through frame, which you see in stores a lot lately. They are so beautiful, yet sometimes a bit expensive (I love the ones with rose/golden little frames).  It is not a very big secret that you can easily make one yourself: all you need is two photo frames and then replace the cardboard of the first frame with the glass of the second frame. Get it? 
Then you can put anything you love between the two glasses. I've always wanted a stuffed butterfly, but you'll need way more money for those then the see through frames from the shops. A while ago I found this lovely vintage butterfly book in a secondhand shop in my town. And when I was thinking about what to put between the glasses my eye fell on that vintage little book. So I carfully cutted out a butterfly from the book and there was my 'see through butterfly frame'. NOTE: if you don't have a fancy vintage butterfly book you can also just print out one from Pinterest or anywhere else on the internet and that can be something else then a butterfly too. Or you can put something else between them, like a post-card, some dried plants/flowers, a quote. Anything. Do you like this DIY? & Are you going to make this see through frame too?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OUTFIT // Dungaree, Pinafore Dress

Berskha dungaree dress - Double Agent jumper - Bag to the Future bag - Dr.Martens shoes
Photographs by Janne( Radiate Fashion)
I'm wearing this dress so much lately, it is actually all I wear whenever I'm not wearing some skinnies combined with a jumper. This dress is perfect. I really wish for another one in black or an autumn colour. I'm a lot out of outfit inspiration lately (I hope to do some shopping soon, got some things in mind I would love to have). That's not the case with this dress, but this can't be all I wear all week. Anyways there had to be another outfit post with this one. The other post with this dress was from Italy, this one is a bit more autumn proof. I love that autumn is arriving, I can't wait for the trees to colour their leaves. 
I combined the pinafore dress with this fine jumper from Double Agent which is soo soft! Then with some tights, my Dr.Martens and a vintage bag to match the black from below. I'm so happy with how the photographs turned out, thanks Janne for taking them! Last week and last monday we had a stroll around Nijmegen again and shot these photos. It is so nice to exploar the city a bit more every week, I hope to discover some more places in Nijmegen which I don't know yet.  Do you like this outfit?