Sunday, May 03, 2015

Inspiration - Sunday summer blues

Some inspiration is needed so much! I feel like I'm in some sort of routine where I can't get out. That's where Pinterest comes along. First look at the beautiful photograph of the "Cappella degli Scrovegni" in Padova. I found this place on Pinterest it is just around the corner by Venice and so Paul an I are going there this summer. I can't wait for the summer holliday, right now it's so grainy outside so the hollidays are where I'm holding on to right now. Can't wait to see Padova for the first time, and Venice and Florence again! Those Birkenstocks from my wishlist are here to, got them for my birhtday! And at Action (dutch shop, I think..) I found those amazing golden tatoos there are so lovely. Maybe I'll do an 'New in' post somtime about those thingies. But for now I'm just dreaming. Have a nice sunday! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

LOVELY LOOK - Lace blazer

For over more then a year I have a vintage lace blazer/kimono thing which is soo beautiful. But until now I never knew how to combine it. A few days ago Laura from Lauresque posted this outfit wearing a lovely black lace piece. Look how simple the combining of a lace blazer can be, and it looks amazing. This way the lace becomes such an eye-catcher. So maybe there will come an outfit post with my lace black blazer soon (when there is time to shoot). For now love this outfit from Laura and I found these two lace blazers at Style Moi. I love how they still look so vintage. Ahh can't wait to wear mine soon! What do you think of this piece?

Monday, April 27, 2015

OUTFIT - Double print & it's my birthday!

Asos shorts - StyleMoi necklace, blouse, rings - COS chelsea boots

YAYY, It's my birthday today! I turned 20 and (that feels old)! No, haha, it isn't that bad. It is also kingsday today, and the anniversary of Paul and me. My birthday on the same day as kingsday is actually really nice! Always free on your birthday and something fun to do. But today with be full of cake and lovely people and nice things. Hopefully the sun comes along too! 
Then about the outfit, I mixed two prints together, and that turned out really good, at least that's what I think, haha. Do you like the double print? I'm in love with this combination, the black and white print of the shorts matches the 70's printed blouse perfectly. The blouse is from StyleMoi (just like the rings and necklace), ordered a size bigger so therefore it is a bit oversized, but that's okay. The blouse is lovely, very comfortable and perfect for spring/summer and festivals! Thanks Willemijn for taking these photographs of me, I love how they turned out and look together, I think for me this will be the best outfit post until now :) Well, have a lovely day, I'll go eat some cake! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Instagram - I wouldn't mind it if I lost my mind + GIVE-AWAY WINNER

Ohh can you believe how fast the time flies. The first two weeks of this last semester (before the summer holliday ahhh) are already over and thereby spring break is here in a week! I almost don't know anymore what a break/holliday is, haha. no it isn't that bad! This weekend will be so much fun! Tonight I have a 50th birthday party, and on monday it's my birthday, and thereby it is kingsday to here in the Netherlands. The night before kingsday is called kingsnight and that is always a lot of fun too! Anyways these are some Instagram photographs from lately. 1. New James Bay vinyl 2. Love love love these pants 3. Paul and I on Pinkpop two years ago 4. Monchou ice-cream 5. Outfit 6. From where I stand, home we have this lovely new carpet 7. Changed my room! 8. Marlou and me! What are you going to do this weekend? 

Oeeh and the winner of the give-away is: .... CHARLOTTE! (myjourneythroughstyle) I will send you an email this week!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday wishlist - Pretty prints

birthday wishlist
Aahh next monday is my birthday already. And unlike other years there are some thingies that I know I want. Like those arizona Birkenstocks. I loved them last summer and that hasn't gone away. They would just be perfect to wear, well to wear everyday but also for the holliday in Italy. I already have a pair of Birkenstocks and they are just so comfy to walk in. Second I sort of need a backpack, for carrying my laptop. The shoulder bag that I have right now makes the laptop just so heavy. Then there is an endless list of clothing pieces who are just so lovely, the print of the shorts and bikini bottoms is perfect for this summer and that dress is lovely too. I love all those 70's and boho prints those are so beautiful! But the first wishes are: ice-cream and the sun! Do you like these items? And are those Birkenstocks still okay?